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<NMOnRouteDelegate> Protocol Reference

#import <NMOnRouteDelegate.h>

Inherits <NSObject>.

Instance Methods

(void) - onDirectionUpdated:secondDirection:firstRoundaboutAngle:secondRoundaboutAngle:roundaboutExitNumber:currentRoadName:distanceToDirection:passedDistance:distanceToDestination:timeToDestination:
(void) - onDirectionListCreated
(void) - onWaypointPassed
(void) - onArrivalPointReached

Detailed Description

Route event listener

Method Documentation

- (void) onArrivalPointReached

Tells the delegate that arrival point is reached

- (void) onDirectionListCreated

Tells the delegate that route is calculated and direction list is created

- (void) onDirectionUpdated: (NMDirectionType)  firstDirection
secondDirection: (NMDirectionType)  secondDirection
firstRoundaboutAngle: (NSInteger)  firstRoundaboutAngle
secondRoundaboutAngle: (NSInteger)  secondRoundaboutAngle
roundaboutExitNumber: (NSInteger)  roundaboutExitNumber
currentRoadName: (NSString *)  currentRoadName
distanceToDirection: (CGFloat)  distanceToDirection
passedDistance: (CGFloat)  passedDistance
distanceToDestination: (CGFloat)  distanceToDestination
timeToDestination: (long long)  timeToDestination 

Tells the delegate that direction is updated

firstDirectionFirst direction at current position
secondDirectionSecond direction at current position
distanceToDirectionDistance from current position to direction in meters
distanceToDestinationDistance to destination in meters
timeToDestinationTime to destination in seconds
- (void) onWaypointPassed

Tells the delegate that waypoint is passed

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